Because fiberglass pools have a smooth, nonporous surface that resists algae, you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep yours clean.  And the longer you own your pool, the more you’ll save.  Fiberglass pools never need acid washes or re-plastering so you’ll avoid tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.  Your filter and heater will potentially run dramatically less than equipment on other pool types.  Fiberglass pools are natural insulators.  This means fewer chemicals and less energy which is good for your family, the environment, and your wallet!





It doesn’t take long for a concrete pool to start showing its age.  But because BLUE HAWAIIAN pools are engineered with modern composites, they’re built to last longer, and flex without fracturing.  Reinforced by carbon fiber their durability can be seen and felt.  BLUE HAWAIIAN pools are less vulnerable to cracking—and a dependable choice for any climate.





Advantages of fiberglass over concrete begin with a smooth, nonporous surface that resists algae.  You’ll use fewer chemicals, and spend less time cleaning.  This lets you enjoy your backyard retreat while doing only about 30 minutes of maintenance a month.  As time goes by, concrete pools require costly acid washes every few years, and a re-plastering about once per decade.  BLUE HAWAIIAN fiberglass pools need neither.




BLUE HAWAIIAN has been manufacturing fiberglass pools since 1956 building its reputation for decades.  The company produces more colored fiberglass composite pools than all other U.S. manufacturers combined and offers a limited lifetime structure and surface warranty that leads the industry.




BLUE HAWAIIAN offers a variety of exclusive coloured finishes along with standard gel-coats to create a wide range of looks.  Drop by our office to check out some samples.  You’re welcome anytime.